Have you ever wanted to be a superhero shooting through the sky without being noticed? Having the power to fight bad and save lives? Harry and Katie soon find out that it is hard work being a superhero in a sky that is full of mischievous clouds and in a land that is full of mysterious people…

The first book in the series is now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. Each story is sprinkled with a little learning to add to the fun.

Let the adventure begin!

“Hey guys, you can’t go higher than me, I am the highest and coolest there can be. I normally bring good weather, but it can change … depending on my mood!”

– Cirrus Cloud

There are some things in life that just pass you by … like clouds. So, one day in the summer holidays, my family went cloud spotting. We sat outside and looked up. Then, when our necks ached, we laid down and looked up. The clouds seemed happy that we had noticed them. They even seemed to be showing off, by changing shape, disappearing and then reappearing.

What characters, full of mischief, mystery and fun! A bit like us really! That’s when I decided to write ‘Away with the Clouds’. There are five main clouds and each cloud has a personality that matches the weather they bring. I hope you enjoy the books because I have absolutely loved writing them!

Also, tune in regularly to Cloud Radio. It’s chaos as the clouds start their own radio station and present their own radio show! Don’t say I didn’t warn you …

– Cicely Ward (Author)

“Well of course, I am the pretty white one. A fluffy little thing with just the most perfect curls. I bring fair weather, but if anyone messes with my curls, I get VERY angry and become a towering storm cloud called Cumulonimbus … and that’s not pretty!”

– Cumulus Cloud

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